Hi, I’m Suzi Campbell. I’m Illinois born and raised – and still a huge Big-10 sports fan. My husband and I have four kids and eight grandkids. We spend time going to all of their sporting and school events – power tumbling, soccer, baseball, rodeo, and dance. We have a small farm and that keeps us busy. We love Utah State football and have had season tickets for many years.

I landed in the ‘People’ business while working for a small company where one of my main roles was completing the process of becoming both a state and federal subcontractor, which included a huge HR element. I ended up with lots of HR street smarts, since the company had never had an HR department. Building an HR department from the ground up became something I have done multiple times in my career. I enjoyed the ‘People’ world so much that even though I had a degree in PE, I decided to add HR book smarts, went back to school, and earned a BS in Business Administration and a MS in Human Resources Management (Go Aggies!).

I love the feel of a small business, where the employees are such key elements. As Peterson Builders continues to grow, I strive to provide a great employee experience so our team can focus on building amazing homes.