Hi! I’m Lisa Coles. I was born and raised in Farmington, Utah (with a 1 year stint living in Virginia, near Washington D.C.). I have been married to my best friend since June of 2000, and we have 3 children together, who are growing up way faster than I can wrap my head around. I started working at the age of 14 as a nanny and stayed with the same family until after the birth of my first child. One of my favorite things in life is meeting new people. I am truly interested in getting to know each individual. In fact, my family has nicknamed me the “insta-friend” because of my genuine interest in others and earnest desire to get to know a person. To me, connection to others is everything!

I grew up with awesome parents who taught me that I could do anything I dreamed of and be successful at it. My dad is the smartest, most capable person I know. Although his full-time job was corporate, he could always fix anything that needed repair and would often involve us kids in the various projects around the house. This is where my interest in construction began. In April of 2019, I answered a want ad for accounting help with a local construction company and thus began my career with Peterson Builders. Shortly after being with PBI, I had the opportunity to shift my direction to include the production side of the business. I have thoroughly loved expanding my knowledge about the building process. I am especially interested in alternative and innovative building methods and spend a lot of my time researching building science. I love collaborating on projects and seeing people’s vision come to fruition.