Hello, I am Ian Brady. I have been in the custom home building industry for six years. I married into the construction world and haven’t looked back. My wife, I and our four kids live in Fruit Heights, Utah. We enjoy swimming, hiking, fishing, bowling, and anything that has to do with eating. If I was not in the construction industry, I would likely be a chef. I enjoy cooking all types of food.

I have been with Peterson Builders Inc. since October of 2019. Funny enough, I was introduced to this company over a discussion about how to smoke a brisket with one of their employees at a local grocer. That then led to a conversation, which led to an interview, which is how I got here. I am a Project Manager here at PBI and am responsible for capturing the vision of our clients and implementing the building of the project itself.

Having worked primarily with family before coming to PBI, I am grateful to have found a place in a company who is family focused; both for our clients and our employees. Building in the Ogden Valley has only made that more special as this is a location unlike any other to raise a family or build a vacation home to bring family to. Building the homes that we do, for the clientele that we have, gives me a sense of pride in the craftsmanship we deliver. Seeing a project go from a “what if…”, to a fully completed dream home, and every step in between, is why I love doing what I do.