Small Space Solutions

Do you have small rooms or spaces that need a little organizing or an adjustment?  We have gathered a few ideas to help you make use of those hard-to-deal-with spaces.

Here is a great example of how to use a loft or over-the-garage room that may have low ceilings.
The shelves built in to the top create great design space.  The beds each have their own storage under the bed and in the middle wall.
If you have a small laundry room, shelves and cabinets are great places to put all the detergent, fabric softener etc.  The dark paneled backing gives this space dimension. 
Shelves above a toilet in a small bathroom are great for decorations and storage.
We love the usefulness of this closet space.  This little office set up is perfect, with the overhead lights, book shelves and extra chair.  It looks inviting and has great functionality.
If you have space on either sides of your fireplace, make bookshelves.  This example is so fun and appealing.  Books don’t have to be lined up perfectly.  Could possibly make good wine storage as well.
We love this cozy kitchen.  Utilizing the back wall for storage and a small countertop is all you need.

For more information and resources on small spaces check out these

We hope these have helped you disover some new ideas for those small spaces.
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